Machiney Fabrication of Chemicals & Pharmaceutical Plant Equipments

The Meena Engineering offers flaker, industrial flaker, chemical flaker, flaker machines to convert molten chemical in to solid flakes. This is achieved by forming a thin layer of molten product on the outside surface of a rotating drum and causing this to be solidified by spraying cooling water from inside surface of the drum.

The Flaker Machine will be complete with 1440 RPM, 3 Phase, 415 volts, TEFC / ISD motor, with gear box, Tray, Hopper, M.S. hood, Belt Guard. Machine mounted on heavy base-plate for trouble free service. Flaker used in Acetanilide, Fatty acids, Monochloro acetic acid, Nickel catalyst, Naphthalene, Resin, Waxes and so many other products.


  • Designed for trouble free operation
  • Low Cost operation
  • Continuous Process
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Minimum thermal degradation
  • Accomplishment of flaking in a single step
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