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Vibro Shifter

Vibro Shifters are circular gyratory screens used to separate solids from solids and liquid from solid. Vibro Shifter consists of Specially Designed Motor mounted vertically at the center of the base plate of the Screen. The Screen is in between feeding hopper and bowl.

The material is fed on to the centre of top screen. The undersize material passes rapidly through the screen during its travel to the periphery. The over size material get continuously discharged through a tangential outlet. This is achieved by specially designed Vibratory Motor along with eccentric Top and Bottom Weights.

• Lab Model: 12 inch
• Production model: 20 inch to 60 Inch
• Vacuum Vibro Shifter
• Product Output Ratio is also depend
on the Sieves size.
5 50 ME VS 12
30 175 ME VS 20
40 300 ME VS 30
50 450 ME VS 36
200 750 ME VS 48
250 1475 ME VS 60
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